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Yeoman Aviation Cropmaster Drawings


The aircraft:

The Cropmaster was a further development of the Kingsford Smith Aviation Services KS-3 Cropmaster (itself an agricultural conversion of the CAC Wackett Trainer), featuring a major redesign and retaining only the steel-tube fuselage frame of the CAC Wackett.

The Cropmaster went through several developments during its service life, the final version featuring an all-metal wing and all-metal empennage.

The drawings:

This set of detailed drawings (originally drafted at 1:48 scale) shows the development of the Cropmaster from its initial YA-1 configuration through to the final YA-250R production version.

A 1:72 version of these drawings was published in Aviation Heritage Vol. 35 No. 1 March 2004 (the Journal of the Aviation Historical Society of Australia)

Plate 1. Side elevations

The first plate shows side elevations of several versions of the cropmaster:

  1. YA-1 Cropmaster 250 (first version with the Wackett trainer empennage, wooden wing and fabric-covered aft fuselage sides)
  2. YA-1 Cropmaster 250 (production version with all-metal wing, all-metal empennage, fibreglass aft-fuselage sides and Lycoming engine)
  3. YA-1B tricycle undercarriage proposal (never constructed)
  4. YA-1 Cropmaster 250R (production version with Continental engine)

Click on the thumbnail at the left to open a PDF file.

Plate 2. Plan view

The second plate shows a plan view of the YA-1 Cropmaster 250 production version as well as several scrap views showing extra details. Click on the thumbnail at the left to open a PDF file.

Plate 3. Structural details
The third plate shows a front elevation of the YA-1 Cropmaster 250 as well as structural details. Click on the thumbnail at the left to open a PDF file.

Plate 4. Side elevations

The fourth plate shows a front elevation of YA-1 Cropmaster 250R (Continental engine) as well as side elevations of several different version:

  1. Yeoman 175, a modified Wackett Trainer used as a test-bed for the new cockpit canopy and all-metal empennage
  2. Yeoman-Hanes 250, a 3-seat modification of the Cropmaster
  3. Yeoman Cropmaster 300, a proposed larger and more powerful version of the Cropmaster which was never constructed

 Click on the thumbnail at the left to open a PDF file.

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